Ted & Lisa

Ted and Lisa

Ted & Lisa. Every 2nd Tuesday at the JCB.

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The 2nd Tuesday of every month

John Candy Box Theatre @ The Second City Training Centre

(King and Peter Street)

9:00 p.m. PWYC

We take a close up look at the strange and interesting people who live in this vibrant, multi cultural city of Toronto. The promise and pursuit of a “normal” life, in a downtown condo, fun friends and lattes exists..but not everything is what it appears to be. It’s time to break the doors open and let out the secrets, lies and weirdo’s that live within. Ted and Lisa walk out on stage without characters, dialogue or plot, and hour later they will have created a multi-character one act improvised play.


At the top of every show, an audience member’s name will be drawn and they will become part of the show. They will have 5-8 minutes to improvise an awesome scene with a partner of their choosing.

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