Second City Training Centre

Lisa is a Senior Faculty member at the Second City Training Centre in Toronto. She teaches at the beginner, intermediate or advanced levels of improv.

Second City Est. 1959

Level A
Introduction to the fundamentals, also an introduction to scene basics, location work, emotions.

Level B
Jump into the world of environment and object work. Level B is the second Level of our 5 level improvisation program. In this level you will focus on creating the environment around you.

Level C
Before you learn WHAT’s on second, you have to know WHO’S on first! Level C explores the who of the scene. Develop different characters and learn the importance of status. This is the third Level of our 5 Level Improvisation Program.

Level D
Put it all together as a scene.

Level E
Performance games, including a class performance on The Second City Mainstage.

The Conservatory Program is an exciting journey of study through the Improvisational methods developed at the Second City over the last 50 years. It is a 12 month program that explores Improvisational performance and its use to create content. Conservatory students move through 6 levels of study (once a week, 3 hours per class for 7 weeks). Students will learn to re-improvise and to write on their feet. Upon graduation, Conservatory students will have created an original Second City style revue with original sketches, songs and monologues.

Lisa also teaches Specialty classes at the Training Centre in Toronto.

For more info on how to register for any of Lisa’s classes visit the Second City Training Centre in Toronto